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Discoveries in Cataloging: 1955 Bair’s IGA Grocery

Shopping at Bair’s IGA Grocery, 1955 [ Posted Wed, 30 Oct 2013 10:00:59 ]

Discoveries in Cataloging: 1955 Ben Franklin Variety Store

Inside the Ben Franklin store at 404 1st Street in Cheney, 1955 [ Posted Mon, 28 Oct 2013 10:00:55 ]

Looking Back – October 1933

The per bushel wheat prices posted for mid-October 1933:  hard white Bluestem and Baart 56.5¢; hard white Federation 51.5¢; hard winter Ridit and Turkey 48.5¢; soft white 40-Fold and Federation 48.5¢; western white Hybrid or Albit 48.5¢; western red Jones Fife and Triplit 48.5¢; Northern Spring and Marquis 48.5¢.

Discoveries in Cataloging: 1955 Brown & Holter Chevrolet dealership

Nolan Brown shows off a new car inside the Brown & Holter showroom, 1955. [ Posted Fri, 25 Oct 2013 19:56:11 ]

Looking Back – October 15, 1913

One hundred years ago on October 15, 1913, the high concrete arched bridge over Hangman Creek opened.  It significantly improved access to Spokane for folks to the west including Four Lakes, Cheney, Tyler and Amber.   The “High Bridge” also included tracks for the interurban train, replacing a wooden trestle which had been situated just to the north.  The one hundred year old bridge is still in service on the old Sunset Highway (Highway 2) entrance into Spokane.

Discoveries in Cataloging: Lakeview Sewing Circle

The ladies of the Lakeview Sewing Circle organized on this date in 1933.  Charter members were Cora Cordill, Minnie Hale, and Edna Norton.  These were rural women whose homes were farms south of Cheney, Washington.  While some actual sewing took place, the main function of the club was friendship and support.  The last meeting was on August 12, 1970. [ Posted Tue, 15 Oct 2013 10:00:58 ]

Looking Back – October 12, 1933

On October 12, 1933, twenty-nine freight cars of a Spokane Portland & Seattle train derailed in the rock cut east of Cheney during the night.  There was only one broken jaw, and some cuts and bruises, reported among the fifteen men riding the freight train.  Clearing the wreck and righting the track took sixty-six hours of labor by one hundred men.

Discoveries in Cataloging: Tawanka Club

The women’s service organization, Tawanka, organized in 1926 at the Cheney Normal School.  The named derived from an Indian word meaning to help or to be willing to do.  The club was the women’s counterpoint to the men’s Knights of the Tomahawk organization on campus.  For 34 years, through the evolution from teachers' college to Eastern Washington State College (later university) the women were active in college affairs.  The Tawanka Hall dining facility on campus was named in their honor on May 30, 1964.   In 1960 the club merged into the national Spurs organization. [ Posted Tue, 08 Oct 2013 10:01:08 ...