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Looking Back: Monroe Hall 1916

One hundred years ago on February 2, 1916, Monroe Hall, a women's dormitory was formally dedicated. It was named for Mrs. Mary Monroe, Chairman of the Board of Trustees. Prior to this all students boarded in private homes, boarding houses, clubs, and “light housekeeping” rooms around Cheney. The people who made a living from providing room and board to students saw this new dormitory as killing private enterprise by the state. It begins the town & gown schism within Cheney as students had more of their needs met within the school campus and there was less of an interdependency between the town and school.

Looking Back: Mayor Brown Dies in Office

Fifty years ago on January 4, 1966, the city was stunned with the death of Mayor Nolan Brown. The 56-year-old Brown was serving his third term as mayor when he died of a heart attack at his home. Nolan Brown is holding his grandson in this 1962 image.

Looking Back: Fire Department 1891

One hundred twenty-five years ago on January 5, 1891, the City of Cheney organized an all-volunteer fire department.

Looking Back: 1916 Washington State Prohibition

One hundred years ago on January 1, 1916, prohibition took effect in Washington State. Cheney had gone dry in 1910 and the rest of the nation followed suit in 1919. With the ratification of the 18th Amendment.