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WWI at Home Pt 30

Herbert W. Minnick was inducted into the Army at the age of 31 on September 6, 1917. He served as Bugler for Company K of the 361st Infantry, 181st Infantry Brigade, 91st Division. He was sent to France in July 1918 stationed at Savoy. He was involved in the battles of St. Mihiel and Argonne. After being wounded, he spent some time in Base 6 hospital at Bordeaux. He returned home and was discharged on February 15, 1919. Herbert Minnick worked as a game agent for the Washington Game Department. On October 19, 1932, Agent Minnick was checking hunting licenses in the area of Rockford known as Bells Corner. He came upon two men hunting pheasant ...

WWI at Home Pt 29

John Olsen Lindahl was inducted into the Army at Spokane on September 6, 1917. He first served with Company K of the 361st Infantry Regiment, 181st Infantry Brigade of the 91st Division out of Camp Lewis. John was later transferred to the 4th Ordinance Training Center and was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in August 1918. He was stationed at Camp Grant, Illinois until his discharge June 21, 1919.

WWI at Home Pt 28

William H. Stiffler joined the Washington National Guard at age 19 on August 21, 1917. Private Stiffler served with Battery F of the 146th Field Artillery Regiment in France from April 17, 1918 to July 1, 1919. Frank R. Bogue enlisted in the Army at Fort George Wright as a 21-year-old on August 21, 1917. He served with Company I 14th Infantry until his discharge May 16, 1919. Allen S. Wyman was originally from Colfax, Washington. While a student at the Normal School he entered the Army on August 25, 1917. Private 1st Class Wyman served in France with Headquarters Company, 17th Field Artillery of the American Expeditionary Forces. Donald ...

WWI at Home Pt 27

Leland S. Rogers joined the Regular Army at Fort George Wright in August 1917. He was 22 years old. He served overseas as a cook with the 640th Aero Supply Squadron based at Issoudun Aerodrome in central France from January 1918 to April 1919. Issoudun Aerodrome was a complex of military airfields in the vicinity of Issoudun, Centre, France. They were used during World War I as part of the Third Air Instructional Center, American Expeditionary Forces for training United States airmen prior to being sent into combat on the Western Front. It was at that time the largest air base in the world. Today the entire complex consists of agricultural ...

WWI at Home Pt 26

Leslie G. Crawford, a 1916 graduate of the Normal School, enlisted in the Army at Fort George Wright on August 7, 1917 at the age of 30. He served with Company E of the 10th Engineers and was sent overseas in September 1917. He was stationed in the area of Loiret and Gien, France and then was transferred to the 36th Company of the 20th Engineers for two months before returning to the States. Leslie Crawford was discharged March 10 1919 from Camp Lewis, Washington.