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WWI at Home Pt 59

Winfield D. Mace was inducted into the Army on April 15, 1918 three months shy of his 30th birthday. He served overseas with the 316th Battalion and Company 3 3rd Army stationed out of Koblenz, Germany. Private First Class Mace saw action in the battles at St. Mihiel, at Verdun with the French Army, and at Argonne. He spent time in Field Hospital #14 after being gassed on the battle field. He returned to the States and was discharged in August 1919. Richard H. Hall of Cheney was a student at the Normal School when he joined the Army April 26, 1918. He served with Company 418 of the Motor Truck Division of the Quartermasters Corps.

A Hoover Pledge for WWI

With all the food rationing during the first war, individuals and families were encouraged to take The Hoover Pledge in support of the war effort. It inspired this poem by Cheney High School student Victor Smith. Yes, bring some more good cornbread, Cook, I’ll eat another piece; Also bring some more fried spuds That are cooked without the grease. This turnip stuff is awful, friend; Of it we’ll eat our fill; And we’ll continue so Until we’ve beaten Bill. The kaiser’s gods are trembling, They know that Bill is beat If we will quit our grumbling And not eat too much wheat. We all have signed a Hoover pledge, And to avoid ...

WWI at Home Pt 56

Charles V. Schmitt of Alta Lake, British Columbia was a student at the Normal School when he joined the Canadian Expeditionary Forces on February 1, 1916. He served in France with Company 4 of the 8th Canadian Railway Troops and was twice wounded.