WWI at Home Pt 11

  • Chateau Thierry

Philip Spicer of Cheney joined the United states Navy Hospital Corps on May 15, 1917. He served at the Naval Hospital at Puget Sound and aboard the USS Northern Pacific.

SS Northern Pacific

The SS Northern Pacific was built as a passenger ship to carry freight between the Spokane, Portland & Seattle Railway and Great Northern Railway terminal at Astoria and San Francisco beginning in 1915. The Navy acquired the ship in 1917. It was used as a transport for both the Navy and the Army during WWI. The ship was scrapped in 1922.


Harry Dean, son of George Dean, was granted 10 days furlough from Camp Lewis to visit his family at Cheney. He enlisted June 1, 1917 and after training at Camp Lewis and Camp Greene, Harry was sent overseas, landing at Brest, France December 27, 1917.

He was first stationed with the 41st division at Vershawn and later in the Loraine sector. He was then transferred to Company G 103rd Infantry. He first went over the top at Chateau Thierry and was wounded July 18, 1918.

Chateau Thierry

The shot entered his hip running upward penetrated the intestines. Harry was picked up by a stretcher man and hurried to the base hospital where an immediate operation was made in order to save his life.

The wound refused to heal properly and three subsequent operations were performed before convalescence began. Upon his arrival in this country he was first taken to Newport News, Virginia and was moved to the base hospital at Camp Fremont, California.

When asked how he had the courage to go into the face of the enemy’s guns, Dean replied, “With the artillery behind you, the aeroplanes above you and the mines under you, the is no other way but to go forward.”

Mr. Dean will go to Camp Lewis at the end of his furlough. He expects to be discharged within the next month and then plans to take a business course in one of the government schools, probably at Seattle.


Normal School student Archie E. Morris of Spokane enlisted in the Regular Army at Fort George Wright on June 2, 1917. He was 28 years old. He served with the Medical Department while in France with the 20th Engineers and at the Post Hospital at Bourges, rising to the rank of Sergeant First Class before returning home to be discharged September 4, 1919.


Bourges, France

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