WWI at Home Pt 30

  • Herbert Minnick

Herbert W. Minnick was inducted into the Army at the age of 31 on September 6, 1917.

He served as Bugler for Company K of the 361st Infantry, 181st Infantry Brigade, 91st Division. He was sent to France in July 1918 stationed at Savoy. He was involved in the battles of St. Mihiel and Argonne. After being wounded, he spent some time in Base 6 hospital at Bordeaux.

He returned home and was discharged on February 15, 1919. Herbert Minnick worked as a game agent for the Washington Game Department.

On October 19, 1932, Agent Minnick was checking hunting licenses in the area of Rockford known as Bells Corner. He came upon two men hunting pheasant and asked to see their licenses. One of the men placed his Winchester 12-gauge rifle in the crook of his arm as he reached into his pocket to obtain his license. The hammer action of the rifle exploded and struck Agent Minnick in the stomach. He died in the ambulance on the way to Spokane. The shooting was ruled accidental, Herbert Minnick was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor.

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