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Save Our Station Public Meeting, May 1st

You are invited to learn the history of our Cheney train depot and explore paths we may take to save our historic structure in or community.  Join us at the Cheney Library meeting room on May 1st starting at 5:15 p.m. to learn about the station and how you can help give it new life.  For information please call Bonnie at 235-8795.

On This Date: 1889 Cheney Fire

One hundred twenty-five years ago on April 18, 1889, an arson fire destroyed most of the business district in Cheney. Forty-five businesses and homes from the railroad tracks to 2nd Street burned. Sabotaged fire hoses hampered the citizens’ efforts to stop the blaze. Fire was deemed "suspicious." Learn more about our area’s history at  www.cheneymuseum.org.

Washington Women Lose Voting Rights

Legal challenges were brought against the 1883 law which granted women voting rights in Washington Territory as well as the right to serve on juries. The Washington Supreme Court ruled on February 3, 1887 that women could not serve on juries and declared the suffrage law unconstitutional. The Territorial Legislature tried again, this time excluding women from juries but restoring their right to vote. That law passed on January 16, 1888, but was again declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court on November 14th of that same year, leaving women without a voice in territorial politics once again. Like this story? Support our all-volunteer ...