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80th Birthday – 1935 News – Easter Suit

Casey's Cash Store offered the latest men's fashion. At this special event on April 12th, a company rep was at the store to take measurements for a new Shirred Bak suit to be ready by Easter. We operate entirely through your donations. Help us keep sharing Cheney history by making a donation today.

80th Birthday – First Items – Spinning Wheel

The Great Walking Spinning Wheel Mrs. Laura Stewart Tyler and her husband, John, brought this spinning wheel west with them. They traveled by immigrant train from Indiana to San Francisco, then by wagon to the Four Lakes district, arriving in October 1880. John and Laura homesteaded land east of town. Laura was a member of the Women's Relief Corps, whose donated items started the museum collection in 1935. Help us celebrate many more birthdays by making a donation today.

80th Birthday – 1935 News – Shoes Hospital

Some of you may remember when shoes could be repaired? Frank Bunnell of Four Lakes purchased the Cheney Shoe Hospital from Mark Stankovich and took over on Apr 22, 1935. Mr. Stankovich had accepted a position with the state custodial school at Medical Lake where he would repair and manufacture shoes and teach shoe repairing. Mark and his wife moved from Cheney to a home on the school grounds. Help us celebrate many more birthdays by making a donation today.

Looking Back; 125 Years Ago 1890

Charles Ratcliffe's farm implement dealership One hundred twenty-five years ago in April 1890, the Cheney Enterprise newspaper reported that businesses in Cheney included: Bank of Cheney, Cheney Enterprise newspaper, three dry goods and gents furnishing stores, eight groceries, four saloons, one hardware and farm implement store, one furniture store, three drug stores, two realtors, one attorney, Louis Walter's harness shop, and five lodging houses and restaurants. Like this story? Support our all-volunteer museum with a small donation here. 

80th Birthday – 1935 News – Amber Dance

The Cheney Free Press had an advertisement for the Amber High School Junior Prom with music by the Custodial School Band. Springtime was also a good time for farmers to have their equipment serviced. Or, maybe it was time to wash all that spring mud off your car. In 1935, Cheney held a clean-up week similar to today's Clean Sweep. Homeowners were asked to clean up trash for free hauling. There was also a week for burning leaves, pine needles, and small branches in your home burn barrel. You can help us be here to share history for another 80 years by clicking the donate button on our Facebook page.

80th Birthday – 1st Items – Candle Molds

Candle molds, like this one for making six candles, were used in early 1880s in by the Graham family. A string was fastened in the center and the melted wax was poured in. The wax was allowed to harden, then the candles were removed. Like this story? Please give to our 80 for 80 campaign to help us to keep sharing history.

Looking Back: 100 Years Owl Pharmacy

Powell's Owl Pharmacy sign on the side of Louis Walter's Harness Shop in 1912. One hundred years ago in 1915, Walter Powell took over A.H. Powell's drug store and moved the business to 416 First Street.  Powell's was also called Owl Pharmacy. Like this story? Support our all-volunteer museum with a small donation here.