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June Enews

We are trying a new format for our Enews that will allow us to include sound and even video in the future. Tell us what you think. Good? Bad? Too much trouble?

Keep Us Here Another 80

We’ve been in Cheney for 80 years, thanks to community support. Won’t you make sure we are here next year? Give today – close the gap. http://www.cheneymuseum.org/pricing-2/

80th Birthday – 1935 Ad – Bair’s Grocery

Bair's Grocery opened in the early 1930s and by 1935 had moved into the brick building that stood on the corner of 1st & F, where Owl's parking lot is today. How many of you remember Marion Bair behind the counter? Help us to keep sharing our history by making a donation here.

Looking Back – Church Fire

Twenty-five years ago on June 19, 1990, fire gutted the old, vacant, Congregational Church on 4th at F Street. The fire was believed to have been started by a 10-year-old boy and his friends who had been seen playing with fire in the area that day. You can support the museum by making a donation now at http://ow.ly/OhtVh

80 for 80 Campaign – Half Way

We’re half way there, you can close the gap. We need $8,000 to stay open for another year and keep sharing our history. Your donations are our only source of income. Give today and move us closer to the goal line. Donate Now.  http://www.cheneymuseum.org/campaign/

80th Birthday – 1st Items – Horse Net

This Open Lovers Knot crochet horse fly net belonged to Dr. Francis Pomeroy. He was one of the earliest physicians in Cheney. He also owned a drug store and the Cheney Race Track, as well as the building that houses Against the Grain and Goofy's today. The brass label on the net shows a patent date of 1877. Please consider pressing the Donate button, so we can keep sharing history with you.

Looking Back – First Amber Graduates

One hundred years ago in 1915, the first graduating class of Amber High School consisted of four young women:  Franc Mason (Miller), Josie Graves (Marsh), Grace Louthan (Humbert), and Ella Dickson (Falk).

80th Birthday – 1st Items – Bank Check

This check dated June 12, 1913 was drawn of the National Bank of Cheney which stood on the corner of First and College where the Bank of America stands today. This item was donated to the museum in 1935 by Sam Webb, who wrote this check. It was used to pay his bill to the Gem Meat Market which was owned by W.C. Pyburn at the time.

80 for 80 Campaign – Students

Windsor elementary students came to compare and touch the world of yesterday at the museum. We are able to spark imaginations with your support. Please help us be here for them next years. Give today – close the gap.