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Amber Grange 100 Years

The Grange movement began after the Civil War in the United States. The organization gave its farmer members collective bargaining power with the railroads over the price of shipping their produce, as well as bulk buying capabilities. As a group, Granges had political clout with their local and state governments.  Grange organizations introduced and advocated for legislation, not only to help the farming industry but to make sure that all citizens had a greater voice in their government. Most people in Washington State probably don't know that the open primary system we enjoyed for almost 80 years was a Grange initiative that they fought to get ...

Looking Back: The New Wireless Telegraph

We hold tiny computers in our hands, access information and cat videos from around the whole via the internet, and have video conversations with people across the globe. This last item I have just experienced with my husband's French cousin as we work on the family genealogy. She and I exchange text messages, and now face-time using today's new technology. One hundred years ago the world was entering a different wireless age. The age of the wireless telegraph. On June 20, 1916, Ray R. Ames gave a demonstration of his wireless telegraph before a group of Normal school students by both sending and receiving messages. Using radio waves to send the ...

Looking Back: New Cheney High School

Fifty years ago in 1966, construction of the new Cheney High School was well underway on North 6th Street with the main building nearly complete.