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WWI at Home Pt7

Royce L. Showalter, a Cheney native and 1916 graduate of the Normal School, joined the Regular Army at Fort George Wright on April 10, 1917. He was 25. He served with the 251st Aero Instructional flying squadron, radio section, as well as the 31st Spruce Squadron. Sylvester A. Whaley from Oakesdale enlisted in the Regular Army at Fort George Wright April 28, 1917. Musician 2nd Class Whaley was sent overseas with Headquarters Company 65th Artillery Coast Artillery Corps in March 1918. Shortly before his return in January 1919, Sylvester was promoted to Band Corporal.

WWI at Home Pt 6

William Dewey Rigg enlisted in the United States Navy at the age of 18 on April 10, 1917. Trained at Goat Hill near San Francisco, he served aboard the USS Alert, 3rd Submarine Division in the Azores beginning in September 1918. He also served aboard the USS Prairie. Seaman Rigg was injured during his service and spent a year and seven months in the Naval hospitals at Portsmouth, Virginia and Bremerton, Washington before being discharged on July 31, 1919.

1923 Sutton Hall

An influx of male students after World War I, meant the Normal School needed additional housing for men. A group of Cheney businessmen used private bond funding to erect a new men's dormitory. In honor of the service William J. Sutton had given to the school and the community, they dedicated the new hall in his name on September 21, 1923. Women students had always outnumbered the men in the early days of the Normal School. There were enough male students by 1899 to field football and basketball teams, but their numbers meant they could easily find places to live in boarding houses in town. At the end of the first World War, the number of men ...

Looking Back 1892

One hundred twenty-five years ago, in 1892,  the first class graduated from the State Normal School at Cheney. There were three graduates: Kate D. Brace, Grace M. Nichols, and Elizabeth O. (Hamblen) Shaw.

WWI at Home Pt 5

Paul W. Rozell enlisted in the National Guard at Spokane on March 31, 1917 at the age of 24. He served with Machine Gun Company of the 161st Infantry while in France from December 13, 1917 to February 22, 1919. In June of 1917 he was given the specialty designation as Mechanic. Paul was active in the American Legion, served on a number of state and national committees, as well as the commander of the Eighth district and the East Side vice commander. Eugene H. "Reid" Bauer enlisted with the Washington National Guard at Spokane March 31, 1917 three months shy of his 19th birthday. His initial training was with Machine Gun Company of the Second ...

WWI Book Drives

As a college town, the residents of Cheney were very active in the book drives during World War I. Books were collected and sent to soldiers in camps in Europe, as well as here in the United States and in hospitals.