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WWI at Home Pt 13

Chester Arthur Sooy enlisted in the Navy in 1918 as a Seaman Second Class and served at Bremerton, Aberdeen, and the Seattle Training Station. He was hospitalized with Influenza in the fall of 1918, and released from service in February 1922.

WWI at Home Pt 12

Twenty-two year old, Walter R. Hanna enlisted in the Regular Army at Fort George Wright on June 4, 1917. Before shipping out, he completed his coursework to graduate from Cheney Normal School in 1918. Starting March 1918, he served overseas with Troop G of the 6th Cavalry until he was severely wounded on May 25, 1919. He was transferred to Letterman General Hospital at the Presidio of San Francisco in June. Walter was released from the military with disability on September 30, 1919.

1915 Manual Arts / Huston Hall

This, very plain, functional styled building was erected in six months at a cost of $12, 295. It opened in the fall of 1915 housing the Manual Training department and Physical Training. From manual arts to maintenance, to Information Technology, the building has housed many unglamorous, but essential functions of the college. The building you see today, barely resembles the original. The interior has been completed gutted and remodeled, while the exterior has additional wings, as well as other changes. You might expect manual arts to include woodworking, but it also included needlework, basketry, sewing, and drawing. Prior to 1915, the Manual ...

WWI at Home Pt 11

Philip Spicer of Cheney joined the United states Navy Hospital Corps on May 15, 1917. He served at the Naval Hospital at Puget Sound and aboard the USS Northern Pacific. SS Northern Pacific The SS Northern Pacific was built as a passenger ship to carry freight between the Spokane, Portland & Seattle Railway and Great Northern Railway terminal at Astoria and San Francisco beginning in 1915. The Navy acquired the ship in 1917. It was used as a transport for both the Navy and the Army during WWI. The ship was scrapped in 1922.   Harry Dean, son of George Dean, was granted 10 days furlough from Camp Lewis to visit his family at Cheney. He enlisted June 1, 1917 and after training at Camp Lewis and Camp Greene, Harry was sent overseas, landing at Brest, France December 27, 1917. ...