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Looking Back: 1891 Nat’l Bank of Cheney

One hundred twenty-five years ago in 1891, the First National Bank of Cheney opened new brick building at 423 First Street. Bank of America is located on that site today. The Bank of Cheney was established in the early 1880s and had several owners before Daniel F. Percival took over. Along with his successful banking and real estate business, Mr. Percival was Cheney's first mayor. The second floor of the bank building held offices for lawyers and physicians. Next door is Louis Walter's harness shop.  Prior to 1904, the Odd Fellows met upstairs.

Looking Back: 1891 Mail Delivery

A new mail route has been established, running from Cheney Washington to Granite Lake and carrying mail on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. J.A. Duty has been charged with the route. Cheney Sentinel Newspaper, one hundred twenty-five years ago on April 24, 1891

Looking Back: 1891 Electricity

One hundred twenty-five years ago in 1891, a privately owned electric light plant was built at 701 First Street at a cost of nearly $15,000. Louis Walter was hired as agent for the company. Shortly after, the first street lights were installed. Two dynamos at the plant generate enough power to light 700 incandescent bulbs. The building still stands today, known as the Liefer Apartments.

Looking Back: Fire Department 1891

One hundred twenty-five years ago on January 5, 1891, the City of Cheney organized an all-volunteer fire department.