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80th Birthday – 1935 Recipe – Date Loaf

Date Nut Loaf Mrs. Richard Roos 1 cupful hot water 1 cupful seeded and chopped dates 1/2 cupful broken nutmeats 1/4 cupful shortening 1/2 tsp salt 3/4 cupful brown sugar 1 egg 1 tsp soda 1 1/2 cupfuls flour 1/2 cupful graham flour Add the hot water to dates and nutmeats and let stand while preparing the following. Cream the shortening and brown sugar together. Add the egg and beat well. Add the above date mixture to which the soda has been added, then the flour, salt. Stir until well mixed. Pour into a greased pan and bake in moderate oven (350) for 45 minutes.

80th Birthday – 1935 Ad – Brown & Holter

Isn't she a beauty?

80th Birthday – 1935 Ad – Bair’s Grocery

Bair's Grocery opened in the early 1930s and by 1935 had moved into the brick building that stood on the corner of 1st & F, where Owl's parking lot is today. How many of you remember Marion Bair behind the counter? Help us to keep sharing our history by making a donation here.

80th Birthday – 1st Items – Bank Check

This check dated June 12, 1913 was drawn of the National Bank of Cheney which stood on the corner of First and College where the Bank of America stands today. This item was donated to the museum in 1935 by Sam Webb, who wrote this check. It was used to pay his bill to the Gem Meat Market which was owned by W.C. Pyburn at the time.

80th Birthday – First Items – Carriage Lamp

This black metal carriage lamp was donated by Mary Rich Pomeroy. It is stamped: 08 Diamond, IMPD, C.T.Ham MFG Co., Rochester NY USA. The lamp came from the gig (buggy) of Dr. Francis Pomeroy, who drove a white horse named Charley. Charley always brought the doctor home, even when the good doctor was asleep.

80th Birthday – 1935 Ad – Grain Growers

The Cheney Grain Growers, Inc. was the place to go to for your farm supplies and seed. This spring advertisement offers several varieties of hay seed.

80th Birthday – First Items – Rifle

This early percussion rifle was converted to shotgun to shoot game birds. The stock was hand-carved. It was used by pioneer, Joseph Chambers who arrived with his family in 1879.  

80th Birthday – First Items – Vacuum

The 1911 Vacuum Cleaner Here is 1911 high tech. The vacuum works by hand pumping the red knob at the top to create suction. You would then run several strokes across the carpet before needing to pump the vacuum again. It was manufactured by the National Vacuum Cleaner Company. The vacuum was owned and donated by Dr. Francis A. Pomeroy. Well, his name might be on the accession card, but it was really Mary Rich Pomeroy who spent time with the contraption. And it was Mary who donated it to the Tilicum Club in 1935. While this machine ran on hand-pumped suction, we operate entire on your donations. Please help us to continue to preserve this ...

80th Birthday – 1935 News – Bernard’s

Charles B. Bernard's Men's Store was the forerunner of a series of men;s clothing stores located at 422 First Street in Cheney. Bernard's Men's Store became Hansen's when Elmer Hansen took over the business. In 1949, Al and Buddy Olson bought out the business and for nearly a decade it was Olson's Men's Wear. Harry Mosman took over in May 1956, and Mosman's was a fixture of Cheney's main street until his retirement in 1983. Help us celebrate many more birthdays by donating today.

80th Birthday – 1935 News – Easter Suit

Casey's Cash Store offered the latest men's fashion. At this special event on April 12th, a company rep was at the store to take measurements for a new Shirred Bak suit to be ready by Easter. We operate entirely through your donations. Help us keep sharing Cheney history by making a donation today.