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WWI at Home, Pt 78

These men, of our districts or attending the Normal School also served during the war in Europe, but we have not discovered information. Can you add to their story? Henry Allen Arland E. Ableman James Leighton Almack of Cheney Eldon J. Belyea William R. Bernard Percy J. Burnell Neil Caplinger (Navy) Archie N. Dake Jack Dowd (Navy) Thomas Grier Joseph W. Hueter Neff Humbert Arthur Jeffries Oscar Jeffries Edwin Kimball Arden Lee of Amber Orval Mast Lewis Montford McCormick Kenneth Melville Wilbur H. Miller Alfred Claude Morley of Tyler Walter H. Powell Glen Robinson (Army) T. Price Saylor John W. Scribner Edward Splichal J...

WWI at Home Pt 67

Salmer O. Visby of Amber was inducted into the Army on July 23, 1918 at Spokane. The 24-year-old served with Company M of the 62nd Infantry Brigade, 31st Division. Private Visby was discharged February 17, 1919. Photo of Sam Visby and Jim Andren Peter Hartmeier was inducted into the Army at Spokane August 7, 1918 at age 28. He served at Long Island, New York with Company D 62nd Infantry until his discharge February 22, 1919.

Looking Back: Albert J Falk named Postmaster at Amber 1917

One hundred years ago, on March 9, 1917, Albert J. Falk was named Postmaster of Amber post office. The office was at his store two blocks north from the train depot. The store burned in 1940 and Mr. Falk built his house on the site. He later moved to another home.

Amber Grange 100 Years

The Grange movement began after the Civil War in the United States. The organization gave its farmer members collective bargaining power with the railroads over the price of shipping their produce, as well as bulk buying capabilities. As a group, Granges had political clout with their local and state governments.  Grange organizations introduced and advocated for legislation, not only to help the farming industry but to make sure that all citizens had a greater voice in their government. Most people in Washington State probably don't know that the open primary system we enjoyed for almost 80 years was a Grange initiative that they fought to get ...

Looking Back: 1916 Amber Grange Organized

One hundred years ago on February 27, 1916, the first Amber Grange was organized with 55 members. John Lee was the Master, Albert J Falk was named Secretary, and Effie Louthan was treasurer. The Grange dissolved during World War I, but was reorganized in the 1920s by Ira Shea.

Looking Back – First Amber Graduates

One hundred years ago in 1915, the first graduating class of Amber High School consisted of four young women:  Franc Mason (Miller), Josie Graves (Marsh), Grace Louthan (Humbert), and Ella Dickson (Falk).