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Discoveries in Cataloging: Muriel Lilienthal

Discoveries in Cataloging:  Art made by young Muriel Lilienthal about 1926. That they were kept speaks of a mother’s affection. How many of our mothers kept the crude works of art from our childhoods. I found my own artwork tucked in a desk drawer when cleaning out my own mother’s estate. We don’t know much about Muriel. Her mother was a student at the Cheney Normal School in 1926 & 1927. Their things were found in the attic of the barn by the Betz family, current owners of the farm. Her mother, Lucille, clipped fashion photos, collected pattern booklets, and kept numerous examples of her daughter’s art and postcards written on summer ...

Art Exhibit at Museum Through May

Anna Sheedy painting A selection of art work by Cheney High School student, +Anna Sheedy will be on exhibit at the Cheney Historical Museum through May. Zodiac paintings are the focus of this exhibit. The museum, located at 420 1st Street in #Cheney, is open Thursday through Saturday 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.