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Businesses that have disappeared

This year we are looking back at businesses in our communities. It is an opportunity for some of us to remember people and stores, and for others to learn more about our past. The Business Exhibit is also an invitation to all of you to share your memories of downtown Cheney, Tyler, Four Lakes, Marshall, and Amber. You can help us build a richer story of our town. Post to our Facebook page, send an email, write us a letter to P.O. Box 457, Cheney 99004. In this digital age, you can record your memories and we'll help you upload or send us the file. Sharing your stories will help future generations know our communities better. The exhibit ...

80th Birthday – 1st Items – Bank Check

This check dated June 12, 1913 was drawn of the National Bank of Cheney which stood on the corner of First and College where the Bank of America stands today. This item was donated to the museum in 1935 by Sam Webb, who wrote this check. It was used to pay his bill to the Gem Meat Market which was owned by W.C. Pyburn at the time.