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WWI Women of the Red Cross

These unidentified local women joined the Red Cross to serve as nurses. A junior Red Cross has been organized by the girls of the high school who are not enrolled in any class in home economics. Work will be carried on under the direction of Miss Ada Corbett, in charge of the home economics department of the school. More than twenty-five girls have joined. The following officers have been elected: President, Josephine Vogler; vice president, Katherine Jensen; secretary, Floretta Woolman. Five high school girls; Lena Gildersleeve, Harriet Handley, Rosy McClure, Freda Rupp, and Emma Wilson sold $75 work of Red Cross tags in Cheney. The high ...

Winning the War at School

High school pupils throughout the country can, and must, play an important part in winning this war. The Red Cross stands in need of everybody’s assistance, and it is something to whose support every high school pupil can contribute. Winter is coming on, and thousands and thousands of articles of clothing are needed to keep the soldiers warm. If every young man and every young woman in the country were to help, the supply would not exceed the demand. And, besides the clothing of the soldiers, there is needed equipment for the hospitals. It is almost beyond our comprehension to realize the number of things needed and the great quantities of each. ...

CHS “No Slacker” WWI Efforts

The Cheney High School Cyclone and the Cheney High School News column of the Cheney Free Press contained numerous stories of students' efforts in the war effort. Six teams of ten boys each have secured pledges from boys of the Cheney High School to the amount of $469. The captains of the teams were: Howard Erickson, Charles Roos, Jack Lawton, Emmett Key, Ernest Burke, and Lee Mason. - Fall 1917 Six boys of the high school, in a house-to-house canvass of the town of Cheney, secured pledges for government bonds of the second Liberty loan amounting to $1,300. - 1917 Five high school girls; Lena Gildersleeve, Harriet Handley, Rosy McClure, ...

A Hoover Pledge for WWI

With all the food rationing during the first war, individuals and families were encouraged to take The Hoover Pledge in support of the war effort. It inspired this poem by Cheney High School student Victor Smith. Yes, bring some more good cornbread, Cook, I’ll eat another piece; Also bring some more fried spuds That are cooked without the grease. This turnip stuff is awful, friend; Of it we’ll eat our fill; And we’ll continue so Until we’ve beaten Bill. The kaiser’s gods are trembling, They know that Bill is beat If we will quit our grumbling And not eat too much wheat. We all have signed a Hoover pledge, And to avoid ...

WWI Soldiers’ Christmas Packages

Christmas packages have been mailed by the girls of the high school to 28 graduates and ex-high school pupils who are now in service. Each package contained a trench mirror, a can of talcum powder, a shaving stick, and a tube of toothpaste. - Blackhawk December 1917 The girls of the Normal School Yep Kanum club have been doing their bit for Uncle Sam. At Christmas, the girls filled and sent away to the Normal School boys in service, sixty bags. Besides, they have made many a sweater and other knitted things for the Red Cross. And while doing all this work, they have met together for chats and good times. We’re the Yep Kanum The joy Yeps at ...

WWI at Home Pt 42

Richard Roos graduated from Cheney High School and attended the Normal School for two years. He was inducted into the Army at Cheney on October 5, 1917. He was assigned to Machine Gun Company of the 361st Infantry as a cook and sent overseas July 1918. He was later given the rank of Private. Dick was involved in the battles at St. Mihiel September 11-13, Meuse-Argone September 26-October 12, and Lys Scheldt October 31-November 11, 1918, before his return to the states in April 1919. In 1971, Richard was presented an award for 53 years of service with the American Legion. Roderic V. Stroup was a native of Deep Creek. At the age of 25 he was ...

Fisher Building to School House Lofts

Hallways retain many of their features, including lockers, classroom doors, and the trophy case.

1930 Cheney High School

On January 22, 1930 226 students and 15 faculty moved into the new high school.

Looking Back: New Cheney High School

Fifty years ago in 1966, construction of the new Cheney High School was well underway on North 6th Street with the main building nearly complete.

June Enews

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