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Becoming Cheney; How Settlers Came Here

Places: Bassett Cabin

In 1871 Wilbur Bassett, his wife Adelia and son Herman traveled to Spokan Falls where Wilbur immediately found work building a sawmill on the river for Scranton and Downing Company. The family of three shared living space in Scranton's 12 x 24 foot cabin which was near the sawmill. Today there is a small monument marking the spot near the old Washington Water Power building by the falls. While they were living in that cabin, their daughter, Minnie Maria Bassett was born on January 2, 1872. She is reckoned to be the first white child born in the area. That same year, Wilbur Bassett, took out a claim on land in the Four Lakes district near a lake ...

Birth Anniversary – William Sutton

Today is the one-hundred fiftieth anniversary of the birth of William J Sutton. He was the Principal of the Cheney Public School from 1887 to 1890. He then became the Principal of the Cheney Normal School from 1892 to 1897. He taught History and Philosophy of Education. He was a charismatic and beloved teacher, though he could also be stubborn and strong-willed. He is credited for keeping the Normal School operating through the funding veto of Governor McGraw in 1893. Sutton served in the State Senate starting in 1913, where he once again persuaded the legislature to overturn an appropriations veto of for the Normal School. Senator Sutton ...

80th Birthday – First Items – Rifle

This early percussion rifle was converted to shotgun to shoot game birds. The stock was hand-carved. It was used by pioneer, Joseph Chambers who arrived with his family in 1879.  

80th Birthday – First Items – Spinning Wheel

The Great Walking Spinning Wheel Mrs. Laura Stewart Tyler and her husband, John, brought this spinning wheel west with them. They traveled by immigrant train from Indiana to San Francisco, then by wagon to the Four Lakes district, arriving in October 1880. John and Laura homesteaded land east of town. Laura was a member of the Women's Relief Corps, whose donated items started the museum collection in 1935. Help us celebrate many more birthdays by making a donation today.

1935 Women’s Relief Corps Officers

The museum committee of the Tilicum Club was organized in 1935. Throughout the year we will be looking back at life and events in Cheney 80 years ago to give a new perspective on our lives today. Following a covered dish luncheon at the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) hall, the General George Wright Post #8 of the Women's Relief Corps held their installation of new officers. Mrs. Bill Waters acted as master of ceremonies during the installation of the following officers: Love Davis, President; Anna Ottomeier, Senior Vice President; Myrtle Nelson, Junior Vice President; Carrie Andrews, Secretary; Emiline Jones, Treasurer; Nora West, Conductor; Ida ...

Discoveries in Cataloging: Treasure in a ditch

This charcoal portrait of Marcella Ellison Cook, one of our earliest pioneers, was discovered in a ditch by the side of a road near Deep Creek by a woman named Jill.  The framed portrait caught her eye in among the other dumped items, and she pulled it out and took it home.  Marcella’s name was written in pencil on the back of the drawing, and Jill looked it up on the internet, where she found the Cook family’s connection to Cheney.   We are very grateful to Jill for bringing this to the museum. You can help us preserve items like this by making a small donation to the Cheney Historical Museum.  We are operated ...

Discoveries in Cataloging: Wittenbach Family Photo

The Wittenbach family, circa 1892. Jacob and Rosetta Toel Wittenbach will young Will and baby Minnie. Papa and Mama came from Switzerland.  New to the collection. [ Posted Fri, 15 Nov 2013 14:23:12 ]

Biography Book Published

Our newest publication is now available through Amazon.  The 63 biographical sketches of Cheney area pioneers and long time residents can now be ordered directly through Amazon.com.  You can even take a peek inside before you buy. If you are not an Amazon fan, the book can also be ordered through the publisher, CreateSpace. We will have the book in stock at the museum in time for Rodeo weekend.   The book cover was designed by a team of graphic design students from #EWU as part of a class.  It was a fun collaboration. Three ways to buy, three ways to support the museum.  Remember all proceeds from the sale of the book go ...