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In Honor of Women’s History

History records the battles and heroic deeds done by men. While these same deeds are done by women, they are rarely recorded for posterity, even rarer are acknowledgements of valor by Native American women. Here is one story about a local woman in a pivotal local battle. Colestah During the 1858 Battle of Spokane Plains in present-day Washington State, Yakama leader Kamiakin was nearly killed when an artillery shell blew a branch off a tree knocking him off his horse. Kamiakin’s wife, Colestah, who was well-known as a medicine woman and warrior, fought valiantly at her husband’s side armed only with a stone war club. Though she was armed with ...

The First Spokane County

In 1858 shortly after President Fillmore established Washington Territory, the Territorial Legislature created Spokane County which included all of Idaho as well as portions of western Wyoming and Montana. “Spokane” is believed to be an Indian word meaning “child of the sun.”  The legislature merged Spokane County and most of eastern Washington into Stevens County in 1863. [ Posted Wed, 29 Jan 2014 10:01:20 ] Tagged with: washington state, history, 1858, spokane