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Looking Back – October 1933

The per bushel wheat prices posted for mid-October 1933:  hard white Bluestem and Baart 56.5¢; hard white Federation 51.5¢; hard winter Ridit and Turkey 48.5¢; soft white 40-Fold and Federation 48.5¢; western white Hybrid or Albit 48.5¢; western red Jones Fife and Triplit 48.5¢; Northern Spring and Marquis 48.5¢.

Looking Back – 75 Years Ago

Seventy-five years ago on a hot August 6, 1938, a fire swept through 470 of acres on the Heinemann, Grein, and Mickey farms north of Cheney.  The fire destroyed 250 acres of stubble, as well as 220 acres of wheat; 120 on the Heinemann place and 100 on the Grein place.