WWI Letter Home – Mashburn

The Cheney Free Press published this letter from Roy Mashburn to his parents:

USS Texan
May 11, 1919
At Sea

My dear Mother:
Well, I suppose you will be surprised to hear from me, but being that today is mothers day I am going to surprise you and drop you a few lines. You never can guess what I might do, as you know that I am forgetful, but this is one time that I am not forgetting, ain’t you surprised?

Well Mamma, at this very minute I am on the Great Atlantic, somewhere off the coast of France. I think that we are about 800 miles off land, so we have only a few more days of water and then we will be able to see land, and let me tell you it sure looks great. But they never can start back to the USA any too soon for me. As the land here does not feel like our country, and even the air does not have a real good fresh smell like ours back there. I heard today that we are not going to the same place as we did before. So I don’t know what kind of hole we will hit this time. I cannot be any worse than the last place. So I am ready to sail back real soon. I don’t think that we will be here over 24 hours, before we start back as it does not take very long to load troops.

I suppose you are wondering if I am sea sick this trip, well I should say not. I am some old real sailor now. We have had bad weather for the last three days, it has been storming all the time. It sure gets tiresome. One night it was so rough that I could not lay in my bunk without holding on, and you can bet that I did not sleep much that night. But it does not get that way all the time. Well, I sure hope that I don’t have to make many more trips across this ocean, as I sure want to get out. But I can’t get out until they get ready to let me go.

I suppose that it is getting nice and warm there now, and that the garden is all up, and that it will not be long until it will be time to begin to put up the hay. Well, I hope that I will be back there to help sometime this summer. I guess that I have told you all that I know, and I will close, hoping that this finds you all well.

Your son
With love,

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