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Looking Back 1892

One hundred twenty-five years ago, in 1892,  the first class graduated from the State Normal School at Cheney. There were three graduates: Kate D. Brace, Grace M. Nichols, and Elizabeth O. (Hamblen) Shaw.

1892 Land Given for City Park

One hundred twenty-five years ago, in 1892, the Northern Pacific Railway Deeded Block 7 parcel of land in Cheney between C & D and 5th & 4th streets to City to be used as a park for the enjoyment of the citizens. Ten years  passed before the women of the Tilicum Club and men of the Commercial Club organized to raise funds and provide the labor to make the block useable as a park. It was called City Park, now renamed Veterans Park. For the first three decades, the members of the Tilicum Club planted flowers and shrubs each year and those plantings were watered by hand, usually by one of their children. Gradually, City employees took over ...

1892 Normal School Training School Established

One hundred twenty-five years ago, in 1892, Training School department of the Normal School organized under the direction of Miss Nellie G. Hutchinson. The training school gave the student teachers real-life experience of working with children and doing the administrative work required in a rural school.  The first classes were held upstairs in the Pomeroy Building 407-411 1st St.

1892 C.A. Ratcliffe Company Established

One hundred twenty-five years ago, in 1892, the Charles A. Ratcliffe Company began business selling farm implements and lumber at 2nd & E [College Ave] streets, taking over from the Frank Bros. Co. The lumber yard was located near the east side of today's ADM Mill. The thin man in the image is Charles Ratcliffe. The other fellow is unidentified.

80th Birthday – First Items in the Museum – 1892 Receipt

Receipt from the Cheney State Normal School dated February 18, 1892 in payment of $2.00 for tuition for one term paid by Mr. Lasher. Receipt No. 15 was signed by William J. Sutton, Principal of the State Normal School at Cheney. Like this story? Support our all-volunteer museum with a small donation here.