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Looking Back: 1916 Sutton Gave Talk

One hundred years ago in 1916, Cheney’s William J. Sutton gave a talk in Spokane. A large number of Cheney, Tyler, and Amber residents went up to hear him traveling by wagon or on a special run of the electric train from Cheney.

Looking Back – October 15, 1913

One hundred years ago on October 15, 1913, the high concrete arched bridge over Hangman Creek opened.  It significantly improved access to Spokane for folks to the west including Four Lakes, Cheney, Tyler and Amber.   The “High Bridge” also included tracks for the interurban train, replacing a wooden trestle which had been situated just to the north.  The one hundred year old bridge is still in service on the old Sunset Highway (Highway 2) entrance into Spokane.