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Washington Women Lose Voting Rights

Legal challenges were brought against the 1883 law which granted women voting rights in Washington Territory as well as the right to serve on juries. The Washington Supreme Court ruled on February 3, 1887 that women could not serve on juries and declared the suffrage law unconstitutional. The Territorial Legislature tried again, this time excluding women from juries but restoring their right to vote. That law passed on January 16, 1888, but was again declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court on November 14th of that same year, leaving women without a voice in territorial politics once again. Like this story? Support our all-volunteer ...

Women’s Suffrage in Washington Has Temporary Victory

[ Posted Fri, 28 Mar 2014 10:01:00 ] White women of Washington Territory did win the right to vote in 1883, but the issue remained extremely controversial.  In the next couple of elections the women’s vote was the deciding factor in a number of communities which banned saloons and brothels. During the period when Cheney was the Spokane County seat, Lucy Switzer often served on the petit jury in the district court, and was a jury foreman and secretary on a number of cases.   Switzer took full advantage during the years from 1883 to 1888, when women had the ballot in Washington Territory, voting twice in Territorial electi...

Washington’s First Suffrage Bill

[ Posted Mon, 17 Feb 2014 10:00:56 ] In 1854, Arthur Denny brought a bill to Washington Territory’s first legislative session “to allow all white females over the age of 18 years to vote.”  The bill was defeated.  However, the representatives did pass a bill granting every taxpaying inhabitant over the age of 21 the right to vote in school elections. Though this act, a few women qualified to vote. Next time, the first constitutional convention. Like this story? Support our all-volunteer museum with a small donation here.