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WWI at Home Pt 40

Born near Bonnie Lake, Cleve Crosley was inducted into the Army on October 5, 1917 at Spokane. He served with the Machine Gun Company 361st Infantry, the 434th Aeronautical Construction Squadron Signal Corps, and the Headquarters Spruce Production Squadron at Vancouver, Washington. Cleve was discharged December 17, 1918. He returned to farming south of Cheney after the war. Organized as 434th Aero Squadron at Vancouver Barracks in Washington, it was re-designated 69th Spruce Squadron, July 1918 and transferred to Clatsop, Oregon and assigned to Spruce Production Division.

WWI at Home Pt 36

Luke Best was inducted into the Army at Spokane on September 22, 1917 at the age of 23. He served with Company B 147th Machine Gun Battalion, Head Quarters Company 148 Field Artillery, and finally the Salvage Division of the Quarter Masters Corps until his discharge on demobilization on June 10, 1919. Seth Wilson of Cheney was 21 years old when he was inducted into the Army on September 21, 1917. Sergeant Wilson arrived in France on July 4, 1918 with Battery E of the 346th Field Artillery Regiment (75mm), 166th Field Artillery Brigade, 91st Division. He returned to the states in January 1919 and was discharged on demobilization the following month.

WWI at Home Pt 35

John W. Mock was born in Cheney and was a 1915 graduate of Cheney High School. He graduated from Cheney Normal School in May 1917 with a 2-year certificate. John was 23 years old when he was inducted into the Army at Spokane. He served in France with Battery F of the 346th Field Artillery Regiment (75mm), 166th Field Artillery Brigade, 91st Division from July 1918 to January 15, 1919. Private Mock was discharge that February from Camp Lewis. Frank Splichal was inducted into the Army on September 21, 1917 at the age of 25. He served in France with Battery E of the 346th Infantry Regiment of the 91st Division from July 1918 to January 1919. John ...

WWI at Home Pt 33

Guy Donald Holt of Four Lakes was inducted into the Army at Lincoln County November 5, 1917 and sent to Camp Lewis for basic training. He left New York for France on November 12th. In his notes he wrote, “ Started for France and about six days out to sea on November 18, it come a storm and the sea got rough, and the boys got sick, and the storm lasted for three days.” Guy Holt landed at Saint Nazaire, where companies of the 20th Engineers improved the harbor. In his notes, Guy wrote, “..the 17 Engineers worked on a dam, they moved considerable lot of dirt, half of the regiment run wheel barrows.” During his service in France, Holt was hit with ...

1892 Land Given for City Park

One hundred twenty-five years ago, in 1892, the Northern Pacific Railway Deeded Block 7 parcel of land in Cheney between C & D and 5th & 4th streets to City to be used as a park for the enjoyment of the citizens. Ten years  passed before the women of the Tilicum Club and men of the Commercial Club organized to raise funds and provide the labor to make the block useable as a park. It was called City Park, now renamed Veterans Park. For the first three decades, the members of the Tilicum Club planted flowers and shrubs each year and those plantings were watered by hand, usually by one of their children. Gradually, City employees took over ...

1930 Cheney High School

On January 22, 1930 226 students and 15 faculty moved into the new high school.

Looking Back: The New Wireless Telegraph

We hold tiny computers in our hands, access information and cat videos from around the whole via the internet, and have video conversations with people across the globe. This last item I have just experienced with my husband's French cousin as we work on the family genealogy. She and I exchange text messages, and now face-time using today's new technology. One hundred years ago the world was entering a different wireless age. The age of the wireless telegraph. On June 20, 1916, Ray R. Ames gave a demonstration of his wireless telegraph before a group of Normal school students by both sending and receiving messages. Using radio waves to send the ...

Businesses that have disappeared

This year we are looking back at businesses in our communities. It is an opportunity for some of us to remember people and stores, and for others to learn more about our past. The Business Exhibit is also an invitation to all of you to share your memories of downtown Cheney, Tyler, Four Lakes, Marshall, and Amber. You can help us build a richer story of our town. Post to our Facebook page, send an email, write us a letter to P.O. Box 457, Cheney 99004. In this digital age, you can record your memories and we'll help you upload or send us the file. Sharing your stories will help future generations know our communities better. The exhibit ...

Looking Back – 125 Years City Hall

One hundred twenty-five years ago on October 24, 1890 the City of Cheney’s new City Hall, fire station and jail opened in a new brick building at 111 E [College] Street. Today, the remodeled building houses the Cheney Thrift Store and apartments. You can help us continue to share history by donating here.

Looking Back – 125 Years – Normal Opens

One hundred twenty-five years ago, on October 13, 1890 the Cheney Normal School opened with sixteen students enrolled and W. Gillette as Principal. Like these glimpses back in time? Click here to help fund them.