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1915 Manual Arts / Huston Hall

This, very plain, functional styled building was erected in six months at a cost of $12, 295. It opened in the fall of 1915 housing the Manual Training department and Physical Training. From manual arts to maintenance, to Information Technology, the building has housed many unglamorous, but essential functions of the college. The building you see today, barely resembles the original. The interior has been completed gutted and remodeled, while the exterior has additional wings, as well as other changes. You might expect manual arts to include woodworking, but it also included needlework, basketry, sewing, and drawing. Prior to 1915, the Manual ...

1915 Herculean Pillars

This granite structure was the grand entrance to the Normal School in the days when students and visitors arrived on foot from the railroad depot at the other end of College Avenue or from their residences. Soon after the 1896 Normal School building burned down in 1912, students and the members of the Alumni Association came up with the idea to create a memorial to their beloved school using the granite stones from the old foundation. By 1914, they had raised over $1,200, and they hired builder, O.L. Hoof of Spokane to create the entrance. The workmen finished the pillars in time for the May 1915 dedication of the new Normal School administration ...

1915 Normal School

The third Normal School building officially opened May 27, 1915, two years after the destruction of the 1896 school building. The 3-story building held both the administrative offices and classrooms, as well as the school library. The building was renamed for former president, Noah D. Showalter in 1940. On June 27, 1914, some 2,000 dignitaries, teachers, students, and spectators gather for the elaborate ceremony led by Senator William J. Sutton, grand master of the Washington State Masonic lodges to lay the cornerstone for a new Normal School administration building. Salvaged from the ruins of the old building, they also set the 1896 cornerstone on ...

World War I at Home Part 2 – Merle Smith 1915

Merle James Smith, a Normal School student from Portland joined the Regular Army on December 24, 1915. He served in France with Headquarters Company, 162nd Infantry, 81st Infantry Brigade, 91st Division of the American Expeditionary Forces. The cartoon on the cover is from the Normal School Kinnikinick, October 1915.

Looking Back – 1915 Manual Arts Building

One hundred years ago in 1915, the State Normal School opened its new Manual Arts building. The building was known as the Industrial Arts building in 1932, the Maintenance Shop in 1969, and the Computer Science building from 1984 until 2006.

Looking Back – Tyler 4th Celebration

One hundred years ago on July 3, 1915, Tyler celebrated the 4th of July with a trap shooting contest, and an eight-mile automobile race, as well as an orchestra, games, and speeches. Support our efforts to share history with a donation here. http://ow.ly/OhtYX

Looking Back – First Amber Graduates

One hundred years ago in 1915, the first graduating class of Amber High School consisted of four young women:  Franc Mason (Miller), Josie Graves (Marsh), Grace Louthan (Humbert), and Ella Dickson (Falk).

Looking Back: 100 Years Owl Pharmacy

Powell's Owl Pharmacy sign on the side of Louis Walter's Harness Shop in 1912. One hundred years ago in 1915, Walter Powell took over A.H. Powell's drug store and moved the business to 416 First Street.  Powell's was also called Owl Pharmacy. Like this story? Support our all-volunteer museum with a small donation here.