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Crunk’s Hill & Cheney’s First School

Located on the west side of North 6th Street near the corner of Mike McKeehan Way, Crunk's Hill was leveled to create sport fields. There is a plaque at the restrooms. George W. Crunk came west from Tennessee. He served in the Union Army during the Civil War as a Private with the 20th Regiment, Kentucky Infantry, Company C. We don’t know when he came west, but by June 1878, he was farming this land with his wife, Annah, and their three children. The Crunk family did not stay long in the area, they moved to Oregon in 1883, but hill is remembered as part of Cheney lore because of an incident in the fall of 1878. In 1915, Mary Cook Spangle spoke ...

Looking Back: 1891 Mail Delivery

A new mail route has been established, running from Cheney Washington to Granite Lake and carrying mail on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. J.A. Duty has been charged with the route. Cheney Sentinel Newspaper, one hundred twenty-five years ago on April 24, 1891

Looking Back: 1916 Amber Grange Organized

One hundred years ago on February 27, 1916, the first Amber Grange was organized with 55 members. John Lee was the Master, Albert J Falk was named Secretary, and Effie Louthan was treasurer. The Grange dissolved during World War I, but was reorganized in the 1920s by Ira Shea.

Looking Back: 1916 Train Wreck at Cheney

  From the Cheney Free Press: A fatal and disastrous wreck that occurred at the station of the Spokane, Portland & Seattle railway at South Cheney at 7:43 o’clock Sunday morning, February 20.  The Dead:  Professor Elton Fulmer, Washington State College; L.M. Conry, traveling passenger and agent of Northern Pacific railway, Spokane; J.J. White, accountant, Spokane; B.L. Berkey, salesman, Spokane and Isaac J Minnick, of the US Dept of Agriculture.  Seriously injured:  Dr. John L. Mathews, dentist, lacerations and bruises; R.J. Spears, of Pomeroy, injured about the head; J.A. Payant, Los Angeles, cuts and bruises on the head.  About a score of others received minor injuries of various degrees of severity. The wreck was caused by a rear-end collision between two Northern Pacific trains, which had been detoured over the SP&S line between Pasco and Spokane on account of washouts on the Northern Pacific line which prevented the operation of trains over its own rails.  The trains that suffered the damage were the Burlington’s Kansas City train No. 42 and the Northern Pacific’s North Coast Limited, the fastest train on that system both were east bound....

Looking Back: Fire Department 1891

One hundred twenty-five years ago on January 5, 1891, the City of Cheney organized an all-volunteer fire department.

Looking Back: 1916 Washington State Prohibition

One hundred years ago on January 1, 1916, prohibition took effect in Washington State. Cheney had gone dry in 1910 and the rest of the nation followed suit in 1919. With the ratification of the 18th Amendment.

Looking Back – 75 Years Geiger

Seventy-five years ago on October 3, 1940, the War Department announced the establishment of an Army Air Corps headquarters north of Cheney, just west of Spokane. It was named Geiger Field. Help us close the gap to continue sharing history. https://www.npez.net/52/Pages/fundraising/#/15

80th Birthday – First Items – Vacuum

The 1911 Vacuum Cleaner Here is 1911 high tech. The vacuum works by hand pumping the red knob at the top to create suction. You would then run several strokes across the carpet before needing to pump the vacuum again. It was manufactured by the National Vacuum Cleaner Company. The vacuum was owned and donated by Dr. Francis A. Pomeroy. Well, his name might be on the accession card, but it was really Mary Rich Pomeroy who spent time with the contraption. And it was Mary who donated it to the Tilicum Club in 1935. While this machine ran on hand-pumped suction, we operate entire on your donations. Please help us to continue to preserve this ...