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Armistice, At Last!

The war in Europe ended as per the agreement between the waring parties, on the 11th month, the 11st day at the 11th hour. The above Associated Press image is of the celebrations in Paris on that day. Here in Cheney, there was a Peace Parade through the town followed by a carnival celebration that evening in the Normal School gym.

Winning the War at School

High school pupils throughout the country can, and must, play an important part in winning this war. The Red Cross stands in need of everybody’s assistance, and it is something to whose support every high school pupil can contribute. Winter is coming on, and thousands and thousands of articles of clothing are needed to keep the soldiers warm. If every young man and every young woman in the country were to help, the supply would not exceed the demand. And, besides the clothing of the soldiers, there is needed equipment for the hospitals. It is almost beyond our comprehension to realize the number of things needed and the great quantities of each. ...

WWI Soldiers’ Christmas Packages

Christmas packages have been mailed by the girls of the high school to 28 graduates and ex-high school pupils who are now in service. Each package contained a trench mirror, a can of talcum powder, a shaving stick, and a tube of toothpaste. - Blackhawk December 1917 The girls of the Normal School Yep Kanum club have been doing their bit for Uncle Sam. At Christmas, the girls filled and sent away to the Normal School boys in service, sixty bags. Besides, they have made many a sweater and other knitted things for the Red Cross. And while doing all this work, they have met together for chats and good times. We’re the Yep Kanum The joy Yeps at ...

WWI Red Cross Day in Cheney

Have you ever thought that one reason people do not respond to certain movements is because they do not come in touch with those movements? That the reason people do not feel together, act together for some cause, is because that cause is not brought to their door? That is what our able Red Cross committee thought when they were formulating plans to raise Cheney’s $2,000 apportionment. There were in the adjacent rural districts intelligent, prosperous farmers who would contribute generously. But how are they to be reached? By mass meetings? Yes, some of them. By literature sent to them? Yes, a few of them. The only practical way seemed to go to ...

Looking Back 1892

One hundred twenty-five years ago, in 1892,  the first class graduated from the State Normal School at Cheney. There were three graduates: Kate D. Brace, Grace M. Nichols, and Elizabeth O. (Hamblen) Shaw.

Looking Back 1942 – Winona Hungate

75 years ago, in 1942 Tilicum club member, Mrs. Winona Hungate was named associate American Mother of 1942 in New York in April of 1942. “With her own five sons grown and away from home, she looks out for the welfare of the students of Sutton Hall, men’s dormitory at the college, where she and Mr. Hungate are in charge.” Pictured are Nona Hungate and her husband, Joseph, a Biology instructor at Eastern Washington College.

World War I at Home Part 1

One hundred years ago, on April 6, 1917, the United States entered the war in Europe (World War I.) In support of the war, Miss Alma Alythea Dobbs, the Health instructor at the Normal School, began teaching First Aid classes. About half the girls of the Normal School attended. The classes were designed to prepare the young women to join the Red Cross. The residents of this area, like the rest of the nation had been following the war since it began in 1914. Churches, women's clubs, scouts, and school children had collected money, clothing, and other items to ship to  Europe to help the refugees, particularly those of Belgium and Armenia. N...

1892 Land Given for City Park

One hundred twenty-five years ago, in 1892, the Northern Pacific Railway Deeded Block 7 parcel of land in Cheney between C & D and 5th & 4th streets to City to be used as a park for the enjoyment of the citizens. Ten years  passed before the women of the Tilicum Club and men of the Commercial Club organized to raise funds and provide the labor to make the block useable as a park. It was called City Park, now renamed Veterans Park. For the first three decades, the members of the Tilicum Club planted flowers and shrubs each year and those plantings were watered by hand, usually by one of their children. Gradually, City employees took over ...

1892 Normal School Training School Established

One hundred twenty-five years ago, in 1892, Training School department of the Normal School organized under the direction of Miss Nellie G. Hutchinson. The training school gave the student teachers real-life experience of working with children and doing the administrative work required in a rural school.  The first classes were held upstairs in the Pomeroy Building 407-411 1st St.

Looking Back: Monroe Hall 1916

One hundred years ago on February 2, 1916, Monroe Hall, a women's dormitory was formally dedicated. It was named for Mrs. Mary Monroe, Chairman of the Board of Trustees. Prior to this all students boarded in private homes, boarding houses, clubs, and “light housekeeping” rooms around Cheney. The people who made a living from providing room and board to students saw this new dormitory as killing private enterprise by the state. It begins the town & gown schism within Cheney as students had more of their needs met within the school campus and there was less of an interdependency between the town and school.