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Second Tyler School

This larger, second, Tyler School was completed in 1912 at the north end of B Street. There were three grades to a room. The high school was in the same building. There was a horse barn for the kids to stable their horses in and a shelter for cars to park.  - Arley Heyer, December 1, 1994. Originally, there were two horse barns near the schoolhouse with room for 16 horses. Students who rode to school were responsible for bringing food for their horse. In March 1918, school was closed due to a Smallpox outbreak. Several children were sickened with the disease and the school was closed for a week to help stop its spread. Dr. Cooper of Cheney spent ...

First Tyler School

The Stevens School District #19 was established in 1880. The school held 1st through 8th grades. The district was renamed to Tyler along with the renaming of the town in 1892. Directors of the school in 1904 were Henry Boston, James E. Carmen, James Abbott, and John Moreland. In 1911 the school board was advocating for a new school at a new site or extensive remodeling of the current site. The board gave its reasons, First, the sanitary conditions demand it, there being two barns and four outhouses within fifty or one hundred feet from the school building, with two manure piles and a cesspool drained through the school yard. Second, the school ...

WWI at Home, Pt 78

These men, of our districts or attending the Normal School also served during the war in Europe, but we have not discovered information. Can you add to their story? Henry Allen Arland E. Ableman James Leighton Almack of Cheney Eldon J. Belyea William R. Bernard Percy J. Burnell Neil Caplinger (Navy) Archie N. Dake Jack Dowd (Navy) Thomas Grier Joseph W. Hueter Neff Humbert Arthur Jeffries Oscar Jeffries Edwin Kimball Arden Lee of Amber Orval Mast Lewis Montford McCormick Kenneth Melville Wilbur H. Miller Alfred Claude Morley of Tyler Walter H. Powell Glen Robinson (Army) T. Price Saylor John W. Scribner Edward Splichal J...

Looking Back – I90 opens

Fifty years ago in 1965, the new Interstate 90 freeway bypassed Four Lakes, Cheney, and Tyler. The freeway was a mixed blessing. Businesses certainly felt the loss as fewer travelers came through town, and residents were attracted with easy access to stores in Spokane. Help to keep sharing history http://ow.ly/Ohu1H 

Looking Back – Tyler 4th Celebration

One hundred years ago on July 3, 1915, Tyler celebrated the 4th of July with a trap shooting contest, and an eight-mile automobile race, as well as an orchestra, games, and speeches. Support our efforts to share history with a donation here. http://ow.ly/OhtYX